Kid Friendly – Children’s Preventative Dental Program

We are excited about the new interactive approach we are taking with our children’s dental care appointments. Our objective is to introduce your child into a world of dental care in a positive, relaxed and friendly environment.

As parents, we discover how great it is to have our children learn new skills and develop a sense of independence. In the past, our children used to be treated in a very passive manner where we, as dental professionals, did their professional dental “cleaning” for them. We have found a much more rewarding way of educating children while meeting their dental needs. This interactive program is intended for children between 3 to 12 years of age.

We continue to provide an examination, dental cleaning, fluoride treatments and any x-rays in an interactive approach of learning. The most important thing we can do is to educate children on caring for their own mouths on a daily basis. A “plaque finding” coloured solution that helps each child identify areas of bacteria in their mouth is used so that together we can work to develop an effective toothbrushing and flossing routine. Children are encouraged to demonstrate their technique using a dry toothbrush (it allows them to be more accurate) while we watch. This is followed by some coaching from the Dental Hygienist. As each child’s dexterity is different and they all develop at different rates, we encourage parents to be part of the “Toothbrushing Team”. Children are encouraged to mirror this technique until all of the coloured solution is gone. This technique is reinforced as the ‘dental paste’ and fluoride are brushed on their teeth. Children find these new methods for polishing and fluoride application much more favourable than our methods used in the past.

This type of appointment is a WIN/WIN situation! The children get their dental checkups done with the benefit of learning techniques that will provide them with a lifetime of good oral health while having fun.

Through this interactive type of appointment, children are encouraged to look after their teeth and gums as an important part of their daily hygiene routine. It is this ongoing training and reassessment that allows each child to develop skills for maintaining good oral health and acquiring a sense of responsibility and pride in their mouth.

Our team has made a commitment to preventive dentistry and it starts with our children’s program.

-Dr. Michael F. Bencak and Staff

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